How “Understanding Veterinary Compounding” Benefits Every Pet Owner

It is frustrating for a pet owner to hear from their vet that a medication that has worked so well for their animal is no longer commercially available. When a drug becomes unavailable, it does not necessarily mean it was unsafe or ineffective. The discontinuation may have occurred because the drug was no longer profitable for the manufacturer or because only a certain dosage size or combination of drugs is now being offered. The loss of this option from a traditional pharmacy does not mean the drug is entirely unavailable. Compounding makes it possible to get the drug again.

Safety in Compounding

What is important about “Understanding Veterinary Compounding” is that the medication and the federal oversight are the same for these types of pharmacies as it is for any other provider. Only qualified, licensed professionals offer this service, and prescriptions are required for most medication. The pharmacist is knowledgeable about the drugs they provide and available to answer questions about long-term usage, side effects, and other concerns.

Convenience for Everyone

Pet owners do not have to worry about changing medication and the problems doing so may cause for their pet. They can easily, and quickly, have access to the drugs they know are safe and effective for their animals. In many instances, the access to the drugs is faster than through other pharmaceutical suppliers because the compounding pharmacy keeps much more in stock than many veterinary clinics.

Savings for Owners

Animals that take medication without complaints or side effects save money for their owners. The compounding process can include flavorings that appeal to the animal and change the format of how it is delivered to the pet to prevent the animal from spitting out and wasting dosages.

Pet owners that want to keep their pets on their current medication even though it is commercially unavailable should talk to their vets about compounding. Many animal clinics now work closely with compounding pharmacies in their areas because they know it is so beneficial for their patients and for their own in-office needs. Discuss the possibilities before moving on to another option or struggling to force a pet to take a medication they dislike.

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